Arthrosi Establishes Joint Venture in China to Accelerate Development of Innovative Drug Portfolio

Arthrosi Therapeutics, Inc. today announced a joint venture in Guangzhou China with Ruiao Biopharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. (“a subsidiary of  ApicHope  Phamaceutical”) to form Guangzhou Ruianbo Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.

The joint venture will be responsible for the development of AR882 in the greater China area (Mainland China, Hong KongMacao, and Taiwan) while Arthrosi Therapeutics, Inc. continues to lead the global development of AR882 in the gout and tophaceous gout population.

In addition, the joint venture will allow Arthrosi to enter the precision medicine oncology therapeutic area by moving AR035, a potent EGFR exon 20 inhibitor targeting non-small cell lung cancer, into IND-enabling stage.

“We are enthusiastic about this opportunity to bring two drug development programs to the China market while collaborating with a leading Chinese pharmaceutical company with strong research, marketing, and sales capabilities. Partnering with ApicHope will accelerate the development of our two groundbreaking drugs in Western countries and in Asia,” said Litain Yeh, PhD, CEO of Arthrosi.

The registered joint venture is anticipated to result in a $34.3 million investment for development in the greater China area, and another $25 million to participate in Arthrosi Therapeutics Series-C equity financing.

“Through this outbound investment and the establishment of a joint venture in China, we will further enrich the company’s product pipeline, provide access to the global market rights of the product, and accelerate the company’s innovative drug portfolio in the field of innovative drugs,” said Hanxiong Li, an  Executive from ApicHope.

About Arthrosi

Arthrosi Therapeutics, Inc. was founded in San Diego, CA, in 2018 with a mission to create a revolutionary treatment option to target uric acid levels and reduce joint damage for people living with gout. With its vast therapeutic and treatment knowledge, Arthrosi has accumulated a comprehensive and robust intellectual property portfolio and impressive Phase 1 and Phase 2a data showing industry leading efficacy rates and superior safety profiles.

About ApicHope

ApicHope Pharmaceutical is an innovative pharmaceutical company with integrated R&D, manufacturing, sales, and distribution capability. It was founded in 2002 and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in November 2017 (300723.SZ). ApicHope is quality-driven with robust marketing and sales in chronic disease, anti-infectious disease, and pediatrics treatment. ApicHope has been expanding its R&D  into vaccine therapy, precision medicine toward oncology, and ophthalmic drugs.

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Shunqi Yan, PhD
Founder & Chief Operating Officer

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